A&A Video Productions and Photography

Specializing in Weddings and Special Events

We are serving not only the Niagara Peninsula and Ontario,

but throughout Canada.

Since 1993, our company has been producing affordable and professional

video services in the wedding industry.

However, we welcome all types of projects ranging from

personal memorials to live productions and corporate commercials.


We are Specializing in

Digital Photo,Video and DVD Productions

High Definition Editing, Blue-Ray Conversions and Transfers

International ( PAL/SECAM ) Tape and DVD Conversion

Film, Photo, Audio-Video Transfer to Video, CD, DVD or Blue-Ray

Editing, Animations, Digital Effects

Slide-Show and Love Walk Presentations

Duplications and DVD Replications.

We use Full Line of High Quality Digital Video and Photo Equipment



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Anthony Abel Videographer

StCatharines, ON Canada

tel. : 905-685-7967 cell. : 905-329-7967

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